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Forest Dinning


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Réveillon 2024 - Program and Menu

Opening Hours

Lunch, dinner and light meals:

12h30 pm - 18h00 pm and 19h00 to 22h00

The Colheita project was born out of our passion for biodiversity.

Essentially biodiversity with food interest, that is, all the herbs, fruits, flowers, vegetables… everything that is within our reach and sometimes undervalued by many.

It will be a very dynamic process, where we work on the product essentially taken care of by us from point zero, be it plant or animal.

Relaxed and healthy food.

The entire creative process of our restaurant involves our garden and the care we put into it every day, with this 50% of the work will be done. The product cared for from the ground up surpasses any product purchased in a large supermarket, both in terms of flavor and nutrition and this is what we want to implement, connection between man and nature, connection between man and fire.

The ultimate goal will always be to offer our client an experience through the love we put into our work daily.

Restaurant - Forest Dining




The principle of authenticity and sustainability are key in the Restaurant, with a
constant guidance by the principles of zero waste and circular economy, respect and
valorization of the product and reduction in the use of resources such as water.

On the other hand, the use of fruit shops, fish shops and bakeries in the parish ensures a reduced ecological footprint (less use of fuel, reduced need for refrigeration, for example, and the freshness and appreciation of the local product, along with an effort (and success) of creative solutions that compete for a sustainable process and result that guarantees maximum customer satisfaction.

The fact that the cuisine is seasonal also contributes to renewing interest over a period of time.
relatively short for repeat visits, both for guests and customers in the region.